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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Organizing Your Printed Materials

    • Getting Organized

    • Primary Literacy Materials Table of Contents

  • 2

    PowerPoint Presentations

    • Learning Letters - All letters of the alphabet are taught through a multi-sensory approach in this 184 slide PowerPoint

    • Level 1 Concepts - Closed Syllables, Digraphs, Blends, Silent e

    • Level 2 Concepts - Open Syllables, Closed Syllable Exceptions, Common Vowel Teams, VCCV/ VCCCV Division, or, ar, -Cle, Schwa, Common Suffixes, Contractions

  • 3

    New Learning Sheets PDF Format

    • Learning Letters: Handwriting, Reading, and Spelling

    • Level 1 New Learning PDF

    • Level 2 New Learning PDF

  • 4

    Word Lists for Review by Level

    • Level 1 Review Word Lists

    • Level 2 Review Word Lists

  • 5

    Management Tools

    • Sequence of Skills

    • Lesson Plan and Template

    • Assessment Data Collection Chart

    • Phonogram Chart

    • Red Word Record Keeping Chart

    • Recording Keeping and Small Group/Whole Class Planning

  • 6


    • Phonics Decoding Assessment

    • Spelling Phonetic Words Assessment

    • Irregular Words Assessment

    • Phonological Awareness Screening Assessment

    • Primary Phonics Assessment for K-1

    • Progress Monitoring Assessments

  • 7

    Phonogram Cards

    • Alphabet Digital Card Deck

    • Level 1 Digital Card Deck

    • Level 2 Digital Card Deck

    • Alphabet PDF

    • Printable Phonogram Card Deck

    • Alphabet Digital Card Deck with Audio

    • Alphabet Digital Card Deck with Pictures and Audio

    • Level 1 Digital Card Deck with Audio

    • Level 2 Digital Card Deck with Audio

  • 8

    Blending Drill

    • Digital Blending Drill

    • Digital Blending Drill Demo

  • 9

    Posters and Teaching Tools

    • b d Reversal Poster

    • Cat and the Kite Poster

    • C.O.P.S. Poster

    • Coding Poser

    • CLOVER Poster

    • Syllables Types Posters

    • Coding Poster

    • Student Recording Sheets with and without Tap Mat

    • Student Record Sheet with Mapping Boxes

    • Spelling Generalizations

    • Steps to Decoding Bookmarks

    • Orthographic Mapping Boxes

    • Mapping Red Words Routine

    • Handwriting Chart

    • Phonological Awareness Tools

    • Dolch Words for the Primary Grades

    • Red Words from Dolch List

    • Red Words by Grade Level

    • Grammar Posters

    • Rapid Syllable and Rime Charts

    • Letter Tiles

    • Vowel Protectors Poster and Poem

    • Vowel Chart

  • 10

    Games and Activities

    • Monthly Themed Print and Play Phonics Games

    • Autumn Sight/High Frequency Word Games

    • Winter Sight /High Frequency Words Games

    • Digital Game Templates for PowerPoint

    • Phonological Awareness Tasks

    • Say it, Move it, Spell it, Write it

    • Spell and Swap Letter Tiles CVC

    • Spell and Swap Letter Tiles CVCC CCVC

    • Spell and Swap Letter Tiles Silent e

    • Spell and Swap Letter Tiles Vowel Teams

    • Syllable Sort Templates for PowerPoint

    • Word Sorting Templates

    • CLOVER Battle Game

  • 11

    Controlled Text

    • Stories with CVC Words

    • Level 1 Stories

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