What's Included?

Click on the link below to download a brochure showing all the literacy materials included in the Bookworm Program.

Pricing options

We have two pricing options available. You can choose to have access to the downloadable materials for one full year for $125 or you can choose the subscription option. Pay $125 the first year and $25 to renew each year. This will give you access to all current and future content. The subscription plan can be cancelled anytime after the first year by emailing jennifer@readintervention.com.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Program Overview

    • Getting Started

    • Program Instructional Guide

    • Literacy Materials Table of Contents

  • 2

    PowerPoint Presentations

    • PowerPoint Tutorial Video

    • 2022 Learning Letters - All letters of the alphabet, phonological awareness, handwriting, and basic sight words

    • 2022 Level 1 PP - Concepts - Closed Syllables, Digraphs, Blends, Silent e

    • 2022 Level 2 Concepts - Open Syllables, Closed Syllable Exceptions, Common Vowel Teams, VCCV/VCV/VCCCV Division, or, ar, ur, ir, -Cle, Schwa, Common Suffixes, Contractions, Homophones, soft c and g

  • 3

    New Learning Sheets PDF Format

    • Learning Letters: Handwriting, Reading, and Spelling 2022

    • Level 1 New Learning PDF 2022

    • Level 2 New Learning PDF 2022

  • 4

    Word Lists for Review by Level

    • Level 1 Review Word Lists

    • Level 2 Review Word Lists

  • 5

    Management Tools

    • Sequence of Skills

    • Lesson Plan and Template

    • Assessment Data Collection Chart

    • Phonogram Chart

    • Heart Word Record Keeping Chart

    • Record Keeping and Small Group/Whole Class Planning

  • 6


    • Phonics Decoding Assessment 2022

    • Spelling Phonetic Words Assessment

    • Irregular Words Assessment 2022

    • Phonological Awareness Screening Assessment

    • Primary Phonics Assessment (alternate assessment option)

    • Progress Monitoring Assessments 2022

  • 7

    Phonogram Cards

    • Digital Card Decks

    • Card decks with Audio

    • Printable Card Decks

  • 8

    Blending Drill

    • Digital Blending Drill

    • Digital Blending Drill Demo

  • 9

    Posters and Teaching Tools

    • Instructional Posters

    • Paper Choices for Spelling

    • Irregularly Spelled Words (Heart Words)

    • Handwriting Chart

    • Concept Cards

    • Comprehension and Decoding Tools

  • 10

    Games and Activities

    • Spell and Swap Word Chaining

    • Word Sorting

    • Phonological and Morphological Awareness

    • Games for Phonics

    • Games for Syllables

    • Games for Heart Words

  • 11

    Controlled Text

    • Decodable Stories with CVC Words

    • Level 1 Decodable Text 2022

    • Level 2 Decodable Text

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