from teachers, parents, and students

Online Modules

Heather C. - Special Education Teacher

I loved the R.E.A.D. Intervention modules!!! The modules are very easy to navigate and I liked the online format. I could easily start and stop the modules when needed. The PDF materials will be very helpful to support my teaching. I thought the demonstration videos were fantastic and Jennifer presented in a very clear and well organized way. She really helped me understand the best ways to support students as they learn foundational skills to become successful readers. With the knowledge shared in the modules, I feel I am ready to use the suggested lesson outlines, teaching strategies and assessments to teach my students with the OG based approach. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their teaching practices, to help support the students they serve.

Structured Literacy Materials

Wendy L. - OG Private Tutor

These materials are wonderful! I have been doing this digitally and virtually - instructing students for over 10 years and I just don't have the time nor talents to do what you have done! I am so glad I found these. I have been creating on my own and spending hours upon hours! Your digital materials will enable me to focus more on my individual students!

Professional Development

Kathy R. - 2nd grade teacher

Jen was not only a phenomenal coach for students but also a generous and gifted coach for the teachers in my school. She readily offered me and my colleagues tools and ideas for ways to optimize our phonological awareness curriculum. I learned a tremendous amount from her.

Professional Development

Elementary Teacher, Far Hills, NJ

I think the OG training yesterday was fantastic. Jen is an excellent presenter. The information she provided is extremely helpful and relevant. The assessment resources are invaluable - as is the David Kilpatrick Equipped for Reading for Success recommendation.


Josephine I. - Parent

Miss Jenn is an incredibly talented, dedicated, and meticulous practitioner. She uses evidenced based tools, techniques, and assessments in order to 'break the code' and teach kids how to read. My struggling first grade son was deflated, apprehensive, and self conscious with his reading and writing abilities. Within 5 months of working with Miss Jenn, he has caught up an entire grade level. He is now confident and proud of his reading ability and even surprises himself at times. All children should have that success and Miss Jenn provides the tools and techniques to achieve it! I am grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for my son. I am equally as grateful for her insight into my son's particular struggles and her willingness to partner with me, as a parent, so we can work together to help my son continue to succeed. As my son would say, "Miss Jenn is the best!"


Patrice S. - Parent

My son (2nd grade) started working with Jen this summer. I was hesitant about working via zoom because my son also has ADD and virtual learning was not great for him. It has been wonderful! Jen is patient and makes the sessions engaging and fun. After assessing him she knew where to begin to start making real progress. We feel really lucky to have found her!


Yvonne P. - Parent

Miss Jen is an amazing reading tutor. In the last 4 months my son has become more fluid and confident in his reading abilities. He actually looks forward to working with her and in the words of a 9 year old boy...”mommy, reading is so much easier now” as Miss Jen put the pieces of the reading puzzle together in a format that teaches phonemic awareness as well as blend identification. Truly a game changer.


Jeanette D. - Parent

Ms. Cerra is a wonderful tutor and teacher. Every session is customized to my daughters needs. Ms. Cerra is very kind and makes my daughter feel good about herself, she is encouraging and makes the learning fun. My daughter is always excited to meet with her. Ms. Cerra is very knowledgeable and educated in her field.


Jenny H. - Parent

I am so grateful to have met Jennifer Cerra a few years back. My daughter Elizabeth is 10 entering fifth grade. Jen has done such invaluable work with her. Her skill set is excellent and she just knows how to naturally work with children.


Charlotte - Student

Ms. Cerra is a great teacher because she makes everyone feel unique and smart. She teaches everyone in a different way so they can understand what she is teaching you to the best of your ability.