R.E.A.D.'s Story

Jennifer Cerra is the founder of R.E.A.D. Intervention. She has been working with students as an educator since 1998. Jennifer received her B.A. in English Literature from Boston University and her M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Lesley University. She is a certified reading specialist and Orton-Gillingham practitioner who received training through Fairleigh Dickinson University, an accredited IMSLEC graduate level program. Jennifer has also authored four teaching resource books for Scholastic on using reading strategies with students in grades 2-6. 

After working in the public school sector for over 20 years, Jennifer decided to dedicate her passion for literacy instruction to private students struggling to read and founded R.E.A.D. Intervention. Based on R.E.A.D.’s success with students, she was approached by educational leaders and asked to provide in-person professional development on using scientifically validated practices such as the Orton-Gillingham approach. In order to deliver the content to a wider audience in a cost effective manner, R.E.A.D. created online learning modules and resources to support the delivery and implementation of this instruction. We are excited to partner with educators to help their students unlock the code and experience reading success!

   To learn more about R.E.A.D.'s other offerings, please visit www.readintervention.com.

Free Webinars on Phonological Awareness

Guest Speaker on the Science of Reading Facebook Group

Jennifer has appeared a number of times as a guest speaker on the Science of Reading Facebook Group's webinar series where she has presented on David Kilpatrick's book Equipped for Reading Success and implementing the Orton-Gillingham lesson. You can access the webinars on phonological awareness by clicking on the link below. 

Science of Reading Webinars