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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Program Overview

    • Getting Started

    • Program Instructional Guide

    • Literacy Materials for All Levels Table of Contents

  • 2

    New Learning Concepts: PowerPoints

    • PowerPoint Tutorial Video

    • 2023 Learning Letters - All letters of the alphabet, phonological awareness, handwriting, and basic heart words

    • 2023 Level 1 PP - Closed Syllables, Digraphs, Consonant Clusters, ay, ee, VCe, Suffixes: s, ing, ed, es, er, sentence level writing

    • 2023 Level 2 - Open Syllables, Closed Syllable Exceptions, Common Vowel Teams, VCCV/VCV/ VCCCV Division, -Cle, Schwa, Common Suffixes, Contractions

    • 2022 Level 3 - less common r-controlled syllables, advanced vowel teams, silent letters, suffixes -age, -able, -ment, -ness

    • 2022 Level 4 - Uncommon Vowel Teams, Consonant Variants, Advanced Suffixes, Accent Patterns, Prefixes

    • Common Latin Roots

  • 3

    New Learning Concepts: PDF Format

    • Learning Letters: Handwriting, Reading, and Spelling PDF 2023

    • Level 1 New Concepts PDF 2023

    • Level 2 New Concepts PDF 2022

    • Level 3 New Concepts PDF 2022

    • Level 4 New Concepts PDF 2022

    • Common Latin Roots PDF

  • 4

    Word Lists for Review by Level

    • Level 1 Review Lists

    • Level 2 Review Lists

    • Level 3 Review Lists

    • Level 4 Review Lists

  • 5

    Management Tools

    • Sequence of Skills

    • Lesson Plan and Template

    • Assessment Data Collection

    • Phonogram Chart

    • Heart Word Record Keeping Chart

    • Record Keeping Forms and Small Group/Whole Class Planning

  • 6


    • Phonics Decoding Assessment 2022

    • Spelling Phonetic Words Assessment

    • Irregular Words Assessment 2022

    • Phonological Awareness Screening Assessment

    • Primary Phonics Assessment (alternate assessment)

    • Reading Phonograms in Isolation

    • Progress Monitoring Assessments 2022

  • 7

    Phonogram Cards

    • Digital Phonogram Cards for Each Level

    • Printable Alphabet Cards

    • Printable Phonogram Cards for all Levels

    • Alphabet Video of Phonograms with Pictures

    • Video of Phonograms at Each Level

  • 8

    Digital Blending Drill

    • How to do the Digital Blending Drill

    • Digital Blending Drill

  • 9

    Posters & Teaching Tools

    • Instructional Posters

    • Paper Choices for Spelling

    • Irregularly Spelled Words (Heart Words)

    • Handwriting Charts

    • Concept Cards

    • Comprehension and Decoding Tools

  • 10

    Games and Activities

    • Spell and Swap Word Chaining

    • Word Sorting Templates

    • Phonological and Morphological Awareness

    • Games for Phonics

    • Games for Syllable Types

    • Games for Heart Words

  • 11

    Controlled Text

    • Learning Letters Stories with CVC words

    • Level 1 Decodable Text 2023

    • Level 2 Decodable Text 2022

Skills by Level

The following lists detail what specific concepts are covered at each levels.

  • Learning Letters - Letter names, sounds, and handwriting taught using multi-sensory techniques; some high frequency irregular words

  • Level 1: short a, i, possessives, ck, short o, FSZL, Suffix -s, sh, ch, th, u, ng, short e, wh, open syllables, ay, Suffix -ing, ee, -nk, initial blends, final blends, Suffix -ed /t/, -y as long i, all, wa, -tch, 3 letter clusters, silent e, e drop rule, compound words, Suffix -er (doer); many high frequency irregular words

  • Level 2: contractions, VCCV, -y (baby), Suffixes -ed (all sounds), or, ar, -er, -est, homophones, kind/old words, Common Long Vowels: oa, ai, ea, ow, igh, Schwa, Suffixes: es, en, ish, y, ly, ful, less, VCV, VCCCV, -VCe in 2nd syllable, er, ur, ir, Vowel Teams: ou, ow, oo, oi, oy, -Cle, soft c and g, ea (bread/steak), dge, au, aw; many high frequency irregular words

  • Level 3: R Controlled: Vrr, ear, wor, war, quar, Spelling Rules: 1-1-1, Y, Less Common Vowel Teams: ew, ue, oe, ie, ou (soup), ui, aught, ought, eigh, ey, ei, Silent Letters: kn, wr, mb, gu, gh, gn, ph, Suffixes/Final Syllables: -able, -age, -ment, -ness, -al, -ous, -tion, -sion, Double Suffixes, Prefixes: re, pre, un, dis, mis, pro, de, ex, /sh/ ci, ti, VV Syllable Division; some high frequency irregular words

  • Level 4: Uncommon Vowel Team eu, Sound Changers tu/du, i in multisyllabic words, VrV, i=/y/, Sounds of y, Endings: ture, sure, -ar, -or, -ent/ence, ant/ance, -cy, -ward, -on, -en, -on, -ain, -ine, -ite/ate/et, -ct, -ic, -ive, -ible, -ary, Accent Patterns, Prefixes: under, para, ab, per, trans, inter, mal, anti/counter/contra, en/em, Assimilated Prefixes: sub, con, ad, in, French and Greek Layers: ch, que, gue, combining forms, 2-1-1 Spelling Rule; some irregular words

  • Common Latin Roots: aud, cede/cess/ceed, dict, form, ject, miss/mit, ped/pod, tend/tend/tens, port, rupt, script/scrib, sist, spect, struct/stru, terr, tract, vis/vid, vit/viv, voc/vok

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